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Finance Options for your Professional Practice

Professionals expect to have a close relationship with their clients. Why shouldn’t they expect the same from their finance providers?

At County, we pride ourselves on being close to our customers – on first name terms – in the hope of building a long-term relationship. We lend our own money and if you call, you will be speaking direct to the person who will make the decision on your application.

Our way of doing business – fast, direct, reputable and personable – suits the professions extremely well and we have a loyal and growing body of solicitors, accountants, doctors, vets and dentists who seem to agree.

We offer fixed repayment unsecured loans for expansion, practice acquisition, working capital and office refurbishment. We are also pleased to help finance VAT and tax liabilities and to ease cash flow issues generally. We will also help in partner entry/exit situations and with the purchase of medical or veterinary equipment.

Unsecured Professional Loans

Our Unsecured Practice Loan product is available to firms of all sizes. The application process is simple, there is no need to provide business plans or forecasts and decisions are usually made within 24 hours.

Loans from £5,000 to £500,000 can be applied for, are competitively priced, fixed rate and available over periods of up to 60 months. They can be provided for any purpose, including additional working capital, Vat, Tax or disbursement funding and payment is made directly in to your practice account ensuring complete confidentiality.

In addition, these facilities are completely ‘arms length’, they will not affect any existing security, no charges are taken over personal or business assets and perfectly supplement current working capital arrangements.

VAT Funding for the Professions

Our Vat funding scheme can be used to fund just one quarters liability; alternatively a rolling facility can be provided to accommodate each quarter for a twelve month period. This competitively priced product offers clients the opportunity to spread the cost of high quarterly payments over fixed monthly instalments, whilst taking advantage of one month’s repayment holiday at the beginning of the agreement.

As with the medium term practice loans, the application process is simple and funds released directly in to your office account ensuring confidentiality.

Tax/PII and Practice Certificate Funding

We can provide simple, fixed rate, unsecured loans over a six to 12 month period which are specifically designed to cover tax liabilities including both self-assessment and corporation. In addition, our funding can help your practice to cover professional indemnity insurance and liability insurance premiums or practicing certificates.

The application process for this form of finance mirrors our other finance products and bespoke facilities. Decisions on finance applications are made quickly, usually within 24 hours, and our personalised, flexible approach means we are able to consider all requests.

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Finance by Industry

Here at County Finance Group we have a wealth of experience providing finance for various professional practices including but not limited to law and accountancy firms, dental and medical practices and veterinarian clinics. We understand the seasonal cash flow fluctuations and equipment needs of these businesses.

As an independent finance company we are uniquely placed to be able to offer fast decisions and turnaround on finance requests. Our ability to be flexible allows us to tailor unique finance options to suit the needs of your company. In the past our practice finance packages have funded everything from VAT financing, equipment upgrades, all the way through to entire practice acquisitions.

Accountancy Finance

Areas where we are able to offer financial assistance for accountants include:

  • Tailor-made finance solutions for accountants to maintain cash flow and working capital levels
  • Loans to assist with meeting HMRC commitments such as tax and quarterly VAT funding
  • Financing options for office expansion, refurbishment, equipment, software and systems upgrades
  • Finance for practice acquisitions, with fast decisions on loan applications for a smooth exchange

Case Study:

Click here to read specific examples where we have provided finance solutions... Apply for Accountancy Finance Now...

Legal Finance

Our expertise offering custom finance solutions for lawyers covers:

  • Unsecured practice loans for lawyers to help achieve business goals and realise growth for their practice
  • Case funding, WIP funding and disbursement funding to allow firms to pay ongoing expenses and maintain cash flow
  • Cost-effective finance solutions for Professional Indemnity Insurance, Practice Certificate funding and VAT funding
  • Loans to finance office refurbishment, moves or buy-in, equipment, IT systems and telecommunications

Case Study:

Click here to read specific examples where we have provided finance solutions... Apply for Legal Finance Now...

Veterinarian Finance

Our unsecured professional loans can help veterinary practices with the following:

  • Finance for equipment such as CT scanners, anesthesia machines, x-ray machines, theatre lighting, surgical furniture and practice vehicles
  • Flexible asset finance including lease finance, refinancing and hire purchase options for equipment purchases
  • Fast decision making for finance applications facilitating practice acquisition, relocation or partnership buy-in/out
  • Assistance with practice expansions and refurbishments as well as office, IT systems and employee training

Case Study:

Click here to read specific examples where we have provided finance solutions... Apply for Veterinarian Finance Now...

Dental Finance

Covering finance for dentists, orthodontists and dental labs with various options available:

  • Unsecured practice loans to invest in surgery upgrades, fitouts and refurbishments
  • Loans for equipment purchases and upgrades such as dental treatment units, operating lights, instruments and surgery furniture
  • Finance to facilitate the acquisition of a new practice, partner buy-in/out, practice relocation, merger or expansion
  • Assistance financing office set up or upgrades, IT systems, computer hardware, software installation and employee training

Case Study:

With our assistance, a dentist in based in the south of England was able to acquire an established dental practice. When the loan from their bank left them with a 75K shortfall, County Finance Group were able to make up the difference by offering a 75K practice loan, allowing for the sale to be completed. Apply for Dental Finance Now...

Healthcare Finance

Our flexible finance options are key in this sector and can assist in many areas:

  • Funding for medical equipment purchase such as diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments and specialist beds
  • Financial assistance to cover annual tax liabilities as well as finance for liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • Assistance in financing surgery acquisitions, mergers, partner buy-in/outs and relocations
  • Loans for practice refurbishment, office equipment, hardware and software upgrades and telecommunications

Case Study:

Click here to read specific examples where we have provided finance solutions... Apply for Healthcare Finance Now...

Other Finance Options

Our finance expertise is not limited to these specific industries:

  • Flexible asset finance options have assisted clients to purchase assets ranging from vehicle fleets to industry-specific, specialist machinery
  • Unsecured professional loans of up to £500,000 can be applied to most industries and do not affect current banking benefits
  • As an independent finance company we are well-placed to consider all manner of finance requests, even if they fall outside the ordinary
  • With up to 70% repeat client rate, our fast turnaround and flexibility has led to our clients returning time and time again for their finance needs

Case Study:

A long-term client approached County Finance Group to fund the purchase of a Lamborghini Gallardo - his dream car. After independent valuations, an agreement was made where the client received a finance repayment agreement spread over a longer period to make repayments achievable. Other finance options...

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