What should you think about before purchasing new machinery? - Posted by admin 23.04.15

For most businesses, even those turning over millions of pounds per year, purchasing new machinery is a large financial decision that should not be made lightly. Some machinery costs hundreds […]

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A Guide To Asset Refinancing - Posted by admin 09.04.15

What is Asset Refinancing? When most people think of asset finance, they think of a case in which they obtain finance to buy new vehicles, machinery or equipment for their […]

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The Advantages of Asset-Based Finance - Posted by admin 09.03.15

Asset-based finance refers to a situation in which a business obtains financing when they purchase a new asset, and the asset is then used as security against the lending. The […]

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A Guide to Keeping Your Assets Safe - Posted by admin 05.02.15

HPI When an asset is being taken as security against finance, it is important for both parties to be confident of ownership. This is particularly important when the asset in […]

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Asset Finance Provider - Posted by admin 05.01.15

Whether this is the first time that you are considering asset financing for your business, or you have used asset finance companies many times in the past, choosing the right […]

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A Guide to Asset Finance - Posted by admin 31.10.14

In order for a business to grow, it is highly likely that asset finance will be required at some point. There are many types of finance packages that are available, […]

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